Multilayer Barrier Shrink Bags

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Fresh Meat, Cooked Meats, Poultry, Cheese- standard straight and shaped bags, high puncture proof bags for bone in products without the need for bone protection material. Printable up to 12 colours - combined front & reverse.

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Multilayer Shrinkable Polymer casings

A range of expandable and non expandable calibre stable polymer casings for cooked meat products as well as calibre stable strippable casing in plain, printed and all types of converted format shirred strands, cut pieces, cut & clipped /looped.

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Specialty Synthetic Casings for Cured meat production

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Salami Bungs with exotic shapes and patterns to liven up the retail cabinet – available with tailor made exclusive printing format to truly enhance your products.Striking Vein Prints available in clipped & looped pieces or pre-shirred strands.

Elasticised Micromesh Netting

Food Grade 48 square Micromesh polyester overspun rubber meat net suitable for boiling, smoking, steaming, roasting from narrow to wide calibres in fractional increments and multi weave colours with easy peeling ability.

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Traditional standard square patterned windows, strong compression, easy to peel off. Suitable for smoking, boiling, steaming and roasting. Yarn colour - White. (Other colours/combination colours available on request - see picture on left for our Blue-Red-White netting). Available in all sizes to suit loading nozzles 60-200mm diameter. Used for small hams, shoulder hams, chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, roast rolled beef, air dried meats, salamis.

Collapro Collagen Fibre Protein Binder

A unique 100% pure meat Collagen in the form of Fibre with unique binding, gelling and vacuum pack purge reducing properties improves yield improves meat structure bland in tasteimproves slice-ability increases yield synergistic with other ingredients non GMO and replaces non meat additives excellent for Pizza Ham topping ( usage rate - less than 1.5% of total batch)

Collapro is un-denatured protein in the form of fibre - the fibre results in extremely strong binding, whilst adding texture to meat products. Water binding and absorption are maximised because the Collapro fibre disperses throughout the meat product in the form of a lattice.

Collapro searches for fat and moisture as heat is applied and gels on cooking, retaining any free moisture, thereby reducing purge in vacuum packed meat products. Increased yield and sliceability are other benefits obtained: usage rate= 0.5% - 1.0% of total batch.

Collapro is used worldwide by meat processors for Cooked Burger Production, Cooked Sausage Production, Frankfurters, Poultry, Ham, Comminuted Meat Products, Canning and MDM Meat Improver.

Parimco Pty.Ltd
  • Increases water retention
  • Less free water activity
  • Improved texture
  • Improved fat retention
  • Increased cooking yield
  • Improved quality of low fat products
  • Improved sliceability
  • Absorbs natural colour of host product
Parimco Pty.Ltd Parimco Pty.Ltd Parimco Pty.Ltd

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